Single Yarn Strength Tester

The single yarn strength tester is a common and necessary equipment for yarn production and business establishments, LABs of spinning mills, research institutes, vocational schools, ...

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Single Yarn Strength Tester
The single yarn strength tester is used to check the breaking strength, elongation, mechanical properties of cotton / cotton, wool, silk, chemical fiber, blended yarns, ... This type of device has two main types: mechanical type and mechatronic type. The machine is equipped with various clamping parts, depending on the material; Today, machines tend to be versatile when used for other materials such as rubber, plastic, plywood, wood, film .... The machine is designed according to the allowable load levels: 10kg - 50 kg - 100 kg ... The machine produces data, measuring results quickly and accurately. The new machines can save data, connect to printers, export files, ... to serve the collection, statistics, research ...
Features and characteristics of Single Yarn Strength Tester
Model HY-061C:
• Computer control, automatic data processing, display and print.
• Reliable, accurate, stable and highly effective.
• Automatically save data while power off
• Easy and fast to operate, each test group may take no more than 10 minutes.
• Can display the date and time, can also print out.
• AD conversion speed is $ 25 / time.
• With imported integrated circuit chips
• Conector less machine, no relays, good reliability.
• Digital display test data, writable and browsable.
• Menu and display in English
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