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  • Single Yarn Strength Tester

    14-08-2019 // 453 view(s)

    The single yarn strength tester is a common and necessary equipment for yarn production and business establishments, LABs of spinning mills, research institutes, vocational schools, ...

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  • Yarn Faults Classification System

    17-07-2018 // 544 view(s)

    Made in China

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    07-08-2018 // 586 view(s)

    Auto yarn twist tester is a new generation machine, designed to operate fully automatically, to test the twist, unevenness of the yarn. Fast test speed, accurate results; The data is aggregated, classified, helps to evaluate fast, effective, ...

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  • Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester

    31-07-2018 // 690 view(s)

    YG068C automatic single yarn stength tester adopts the tensile tester adopts the test pricile of constant rate of elongation (CRE) and is used to measure the breaking strength and elongation of single yarn of various mixed fabrics and pure fabrics.

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  • Evenness Tester for Filament

    01-09-2018 // 529 view(s)

    Used to test the linear density uniformity and properties of different chemical fibers. This testing equipment monitors, tracks and improves the quality of yarns . Eveness Tester for Filament is an essential testing tool for yarn-manufacturing companies.

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  • YG-136 Evenness Tester

    30-08-2018 // 753 view(s)

    YG-136 Evenness Tester is important intrument of LAB in Spinning - Weaving that help improvements and guarantee of yarn quality. Apply for cotton, wool , silk, chemical and blend yarn ...

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  • Computer color matching system

    18-12-2018 // 507 view(s)

    Computer color matching with spectrometer has become standard system for modern dyeing company. It not only help for color matching process and constructing color library but establish the standard for internal quality management and external color communication.

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  • LAB sample printing machine

    17-01-2019 // 430 view(s)

    The machine performs the printing of LAB samples, which is the preparation for printing production - fabric dyeing. The Equipment indispensable in factories producing printing - dyeing fabrics; Universities, training and vocational schools specialized in Textile industry ...

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  • Rotorless Rheometer

    08-03-2019 // 446 view(s)

    This Rotorless Rheometer Equipment used for testing rotorless rheometer for Rubber, Plastic, ...

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  • Rapid Plastimeter for Rubber

    16-02-2019 // 504 view(s)

    This is a specialized device used to check the plasticity and evaluate the heat resistance of raw rubber materials, especially natural rubber ...

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  • Automatic Paper Bursting Strength Tester

    08-07-2018 // 576 view(s)

    Made in China

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  • About Lab & Test Equipment

    28-04-2018 // 489 view(s)

    Welcome to visit LAB & TEST

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